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I'm interested in buying a Breezer bike, but I can't find any dealers or the dealers near me don't have what I want in stock. Can you tell me where I can find it or can I buy it directly from you?

You can find the Breezer dealers closest to you by using our dealer locator. Simply enter your postal code and the closest dealers will be listed complete with shop name, address, and phone number. If none of the local dealers have the bike in stock, they can always order it from us provided we still have it available. Please note, we do not engage in direct to consumer sales - all Breezer sales must go through an authorized Breezer dealer.

I am interested in buying a Breezer bike but do not know what size is right for me. Can you tell me what size someone with my height and inseam would need?

The best way to determine your correct bike size is to have an authorized Breezer dealer fit you in person. They will take the measurements necessary to determine your requirements for top tube length, seat tube length, and saddle height as well as other factors such as stem length and angle, crank length, and saddle fore/aft positioning...all of which can be, and often are, different for each individual independent of height.

I like a certain Breezer bike but would like it customized from the factory. Is this possible?

We do not offer factory customization options for Breezer bikes at this time. The bikes are produced with the colors and specification as they appear on our website and are shipped to dealers as noted. Often, your local authorized Breezer dealer can help to meet your custom parts requests, but we cannot accommodate color or parts swap requests directly from the factory.

I want a previous model year version of a bike that seems to be no longer available. Is it possible to obtain a new unit of a bike from a non-current model year?

Sometimes previous model year bikes are available for a short time - your local authorized Breezer dealer is your best resource to help verify availability.

I've got an older Breezer model that I cannot find any information about on your site. I have the serial number, so can you tell me the age and original factory components of this bike?

Yes, we are happy to help you identify legacy Breezer models. Please first try the comprehensive bicycle information website - often your Breezer information can be found quickly there. If not, you are welcome to email [email protected] and we will work to provide this information as quickly as possible.

I've got an older Breezer model and I want to upgrade to something new. Which model is most like the one I have now? Also, can I sell or trade my old bike in to you considering that it is a classic?

Your local authorized Breezer dealer will be happy to help you select a new Breezer model comparable to the one you've enjoyed in the past. You can find the Breezer dealer closest to you by using our dealer locator. In regard to selling or trading-in your older model, please note we do not engage in direct to consumer sales - all Breezer sales must go through an authorized Breezer dealer.

I've got a used Breezer and I want to know the value so I can list it for sale. Also, can I sell or trade my old bike in to you?

Your used Breezer's value is best determined in person by your local authorized Breezer dealer - they are an excellent resource for a professional used bike estimate. Some dealers even engage in used bike sales/trade-in programs themselves. In regard to selling or trading-in your older model to us, we do not offer such a program at this time.


I'm looking for touch-up paint for my bike. Can I get them from you?

We do not currently stock touch up paint - we recommend visiting a hobby shop, paint store, or auto supply store, as they often have touch up paint that will match the finish on your frame. Please note, if the paint on your frame has been chipped down to the metal, it is advised to apply lacquer-based or enamel-based white primer first as this will help adherence. Let the primer cure for at least a day before adding the color touch-up paint.

I'm looking for factory decals for my bike. Can I get them from you?

We do not currently stock decal sets for repainting Breezers, but receive enough requests for them that we hope to have them made available in the future. Please email your request to [email protected] with the subject: Legacy Breezer Decal Sets, and we will keep your info on file for when they become available.

I bought my bicycle online or received a promotional bike which arrived unassembled. Do you have instructions on how I can perform the assembly myself?

All Breezer bikes are required to be assembled by an authorized Breezer dealer or professional bicycle shop. The importance of professional assembly cannot be overstated, and our warranty policy only covers Breezers that have met this requirement. Please note, your original cardboard bike box states that your new Breezer must be assembled by an authorized Breezer dealer, but we understand some areas do not have a Breezer dealer close by. In these cases, assembly by a professional bicycle shop will meet this warranty policy requirement.

I have a Breezer bike but I never got or have misplaced my owner's manual. Can you provide the manual for my specific Breezer model?

Yes, please visit our manuals to read, download, or print the owner's manual that comes with every Breezer. For specific parts manuals (ie. Shimano, Rock Shox, etc.) please contact the parts manufacturer directly for their proprietary manuals and technical documents.

I need size or compatibility details on a specification to replace or upgrade parts on my bike that I cannot find on your website. Can you please tell me what parts I need to buy that will fit?

For technical repair or service, we suggest that you visit your local authorized Breezer dealer or local professional bike shop. Their knowledge and expertise will help you confirm that you are safely buying the correct replacement parts, and they will be more than happy to help source, sell, and even install exactly what you are looking for.

I am having problems with certain parts on my bike and would like to know if this qualifies as a warranty situation and if so would like to file a warranty claim.

The Breezer warranty policy extends coverage on all original parts on the bicycle excluding paint, decals, tires, tubes, chains and other wear and tear items for up to one year from the date of purchase. Suspension forks and rear shocks are covered by the stated warranty of their original manufacturers. Please note, all warranty repair, replacement, or service must be handled by an authorized Breezer dealer, preferably the dealer you purchased your Breezer from - we do not service warranty claims direct with consumers. If an authorized Breezer dealer is not available to you, please visit your local professional bicycle shop for assistance as we are open to working with any bike shop willing to help you through the potential claim. You must have a copy of your receipt or invoice that proves you are the original owner of the Breezer product purchased from an authorized Breezer dealer. For further reference please see our warranty policy posted on manuals which details exactly what is covered on your Breezer product.

I have a Breezer bike and the frame is broken. I would like to know if this qualifies as a warranty situation and if so would like to file a warranty claim.

All potential warranty service must be handled through an Authorized Breezer Dealer - we do not service warranty claims direct with consumers. If an authorized Breezer dealer is not available to you, please visit your local professional bicycle shop for assistance as we are open to working with any bike shop willing to help you through the potential claim. The dealer will inspect the frame and make the initial judgment on whether or not the damage is due to a defect in materials or workmanship. If their opinion is that the failure is a manufacturing defect, they will contact our Technical Service department for further instructions. Please note labor charges for stripping or re-assembling your bike are not covered under warranty, and you must provide proof of purchase as the original owner. For further reference and additional details please see our warranty policy posted on manuals


Who do I contact about sponsorship opportunities for myself/my team/my advocacy group/the event I am organizing?

While we receive many sponsorship requests throughout the year and would love to fulfill them all, unfortunately, it is not financially possible. We are still a small and growing brand with a limited sponsorship budget. Please read the information below, noting what is most relevant to your interest in sponsorship. Should your sponsorship interest fall under the below qualifications, please feel free to submit a formal sponsorship request.

1. If you are an individual mountain bike racer, road racer, or team interested in sponsorship:

We sponsor several professional athletes and teams around the world. At the grassroots level, some of our authorized Breezer dealers sponsor shop teams and athletes. For your best chance at receiving partial or full sponsorship with Breezer equipment, please check with your local Breezer dealer to see if they offer such programs.

If you are a professional athlete seeking sponsorship, we ask that you or your agent submit a formal, written request to [email protected], or by mail to Advanced Sports, Inc., 10940 Dutton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 (Attn: Professional Sponsorship Request). Please include the following in your request:

  • Complete race results for the past two seasons, including class raced and any press you may have received.
  • A list of races you plan to participate in this upcoming year and your goals for each race.
  • Are you affiliated with a bike shop? Other involvement within the cycling community?
  • What specifically are you asking for from us?
  • Relevant sizing information for anything you are asking for (bike, kit, etc.)
  • Do you have any current sponsors - bike related or otherwise - already signed on for the coming year?
  • Complete contact information, including email address.

2. If you work for an advocacy group or are an organizer or cyclist participating in a charitable, fundraising, or expedition ride/event:

At a corporate level, we currently contribute and work directly with many national and local advocacy and charitable organizations, including Bikes Belong, the Alliance for Biking and Walking, and the International Mountain Bike Organization. Please note, we currently do not sponsor individual riders or teams participating in a charity ride/event.

3. If you are a race or event organizer:

Due to our limited budget, we currently do not sponsor individual races.

Register Your Bike

While it is no longer necessary to register your product, we have created an easy way for you to do via this online form. We also recommend that you always keep your bill of sale as our warranty extends only to the original owner. Please see warranty policy below for more details.

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